03 May 2013

I want to thank all of my readers who read every single post since I started this blog. I really wish I could continue but it is not fair to you guys if I post when I only have time (which is not much thanks to my job) and this is not my priority. So I will stop kidding myself and just, you know, stop. 

I will still pin and perhaps tumble sometimes too.

But I'm afraid I have come to the end of Lateybirdy.

It was nice getting to know all of the other bloggers out there.


The domestic lady within me...

20 March 2013

... wants a KitchenAid.

via the Kitchn

Sadly, when you are living with your parents, the kitchen is not yours, its your mother's. So if she does not want a giant stand mixer in her kitchen regardless of how cute it is (or how much you beg) you won't get a giant stand mixer. The response, cruel as it may be will "Get your own kitchen and then you will get a KitchenAid." (which, in some families also stands for "get married already") Therefore, I am required to dream of the KitchenAid for the time being and use my mother's mixer (which I despise by the way). 

(Eğer ailenizle yaşıyorsanız ne yazık ki mutfak sizin değil annenizindir. Dolayısıyla, eğer anneniz mutfağında kocaman bir mikser istemezse (bu mikser ne kadar şeker olursa olsun veya siz ne kadar yalvarırsanız yalvarın) o mikseri alamazsınız. Cevap her ne kadar acımasız olsa da genelde "Kendi mutfağın olunca alırsın" olur (ki bu bazı ailelerde "artık evlen" manasına bile gelebilir). Dolayısıyla, ben KitchenAid mikser hayalleri kurmaya ve nefret ettiğim annemin sevgili mikserini kullanmaya devam etmekle yükümlüyüm.)

Hottest bottoms for spring

18 March 2013

Self contradicting post: Isabel Marant's genius never ceases to amaze me. These pants did not get my attention when they were sent down the runway but I guess styling is everything.

(Isabel Marant'ın harikalığı beni hiç şaşırtmıyor. Bu pantalon benim dikkatimi defilede çekmemişti. Demekki styling herşeymiş.)

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