Chanel and Istanbul are quite a match

29 May 2011

And our dreams came true. Since the Turkish fashionistas (such as myself :)) heard of the Byzantium line of Chanel for Pre-fall 2011, everybody was wishing for the runway show to take place in İstanbul. Sadly, the first (and the main) show took place in Paris and led all Turkish fashionistas to a deep sadness.

However, this past week, the runway show took place one more time in Cıragan Palace in Istanbul ! Of course, the Turkish socialites were there in awe. And Kirsten Dunst was also there looking very bad in that white dress and that mess of a hairdo (thanks to Istancool)

The line is the same but I must admit the show in Istanbul has brought another feel to it (even though Cıragan Palaca has NOTHING to do with Byzantium Empire and was built in 1871 long after the Byzantium Empire had collapsed).

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Prada Private

Ok. Now I know that I haven't been quite the "blogger" these few days but I swear this was the only thing on my mind. Apologies for not posting this week. Now let's come to Prada Private.

These sunglasses were launched on December 2010, so they're a bit old news so to say. Nonetheless, I am falling more and more in love with them each time I see the ad.

I think Prada has shed a new light to the word "customize" with these sunglasses. As you know, since 2009 customization is the new labelling in fashion. LV has done it so has Prada in their bags, wallets and nearly all their products.

But I think Prada Private sunglasses is even more shocking then all! These cute cute sunglasses of course were loved by our celebs over the winter. Kate Moss wearing them and all :) But I think they have not lost their cuteness just beacuse they can now be considered as "last season".

Prada Private sunglasses are definitely on my Must Buy List !

And I think I'm gonna be chosing MA :)

Please don't wear that - Celebs

11 May 2011

Eva Mendez

Jessica Lowndes

Lea Michele

Eva Mendez:
Eva Mendez has worn this Oscar de la Renta dress to the AMPAS tribute to Sophie Lauren. I must say, it's not the best work of Oscar... I mean, it's not the right lenght, the pattern is not at all flattering... It looks like she needed a dress stat and found this Oscar de la Renta off the rack or even worse from someone else's wardrobe!!! Dear Eva, as one of your fans, I am begging you, please don't wear a dress that hates your body!!!

Jessica Lowndes:
What can I say to Jessica... Oh I know! Mmm "Why did you wear someone's prom dress from 2006?" might be a good question!!!! The ruffles, the cutout... No! No!!!! It makes you look like you're going to prom! And a bad one! Why would you wear that to the Esquire party? I can't even continue...

Lea Michele:
I love Lea. I think she has worn the best Emmy dresses so far... She has always been stylish... This dress is not that bad. It's a Versace worn to a Hollywood event. I look at it... I am trying to like it... To be honest, the thing that bothers me with this dress is the upside down tulip. If you look at it carefully, it is a tulip. If not, it looks like to black puppet hands are feeling up her breasts. It looks funny... Meh... I'd give a 2 out of 5 (which is actually good if you're on Please don't wear that).

Latey Birdy....


Michael Kors Swimsuit

08 May 2011

This is a swimsuit from Michael Kors's 2011 Spring Line. I really like it. I think it looks cool...

But, why the leather belt? That, I really don't get. I mean, aren't we supposed to swim in a swimsuit?

Is this swimsuit designed to only sit during Happy Hour in St Tropez?


Please don't wear that Part 1

Ok. let's go through her outfit.

Chanel bag
grey jacket
black mini skirt
no socks
Chanel rainboots...
(It's NOT raining)

Dear lady, pretty please, if it's not raining and if it's not GOING to rain, DONT WEAR RAINBOOTS.
I get it, you like Chanel. I respect that. But pretty please don't match your Chanel bag with your Chanel rainboots. You look like you've popped out of a really bad ad. Just don't.

Many thanks,


Please don't wear that

Hi! After much thinking and thanks to the people around, I've decided to write a part which is mainly about commenting on people's outfits.

Thank you for giving me material.

The One Thousandth Blog Post on Frida Giannini

06 May 2011

I have never been a Gucci fan, I never liked the GG show-off designs and found it “too loud”. 
But, (even though Giannini took over the women’s ready-to-wear in 2005) me and Gucci have been living a sort of love affair since the 2009 Spring show. I can only define it as an affair because my “partner, lover, husband” will always be Miu Miu
Nevertheless, I think Giannini has a potential to take Gucci even further than Tom Ford ever did (ssshhhh shall nobody hear I said that)…

Chloe !

So you might think why is this the first photo i upload to my blog. let me explain.
this for me symbolises an illusion. the illusion that maybe i could have been a designer INSTEAD OF A LAWYER!
a week ago when i was bored to death at work i took a pencil and started drawing (a miracle that i had time). i just drew a simple “maillot de bain” and a sheer skirt (a kind of tuttuu) then i looked at it and was simply shocked and horrified.
why the hell would you draw the chloe collection’s signature look? ofc, i erased every single line and turned it into a one piece swimsuit. which will be my next upload, if i can find the time!


Ok. I know I shouldn’t have done this. It’s like “ooh everyone has a blog so i should have one.”. but no. 
This is purely about me. The idiot who turned down her dreams. 
So now, I’m just going to write, post, scan my designs and I’m just gonna go with it.
So what if I have a blog too? 
Let’s go…

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