02 July 2011

The accessories photo shoot of July L'Officiel shoot was named Merveilles. A word in French which I totally adore. And the shoot is a-mazing.


A friend of ours is getting married next week and I decided to get some funky nail polish to go with my dress. When I was looking for something totally different, I ran into this gorgeous Dior Silver Pearl No: 604 Nail Polish. This is the new color of Dior (which is a little bit more on the dark side than the previous one). So cute!!!

Grazia St.Tropez shoot

From Richard Bernardin for Grazia Magazine's June issue. This shoot takes us back to the 50's (when I did not even exist). The shoot is inspired from Brigitte Bardot the former French Model.

The lighting of the shoot is just amazing. Model: Alex Sanders

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Source: fashiongonerouge

Sales oh the sales

When I was in Paris, there was the Summer sales of up to 50%!!! Which did not help my savings at all :)

But I managed to score this baby of Givenchy for half price!!!! Like I always say, if you buy the right items, the sales can be the best thing ever!

Givenchy open toe slingbacks

Kate Moss' wedding dress

When I was writing my post on John Galliano, there was the rumor that Kate Moss' wedding dress would be a John Galliano design. However, I waited until the last second to believe it. Needless to add more here goes the wedding dress designed by John Galliano.

I really liked it, I think it has a little edge to it something which Kate always had...

Princess of Fashion

01 July 2011

I think the Queen should have crowned her the Princess of Fashion. She is now the it-girl everyone is keeping an eye on!

Wearing Erdem

source: popsugar

Louboutins designed for the ultimate pain !

"Unbelievable! With the shoes by Christian Louboutin, there is no alternative but to toe dance. The ballet-heels, which he designed for the English National Ensemble, should watch the pain already." says Bild newspaper. 

Even when you're not beautiful, you're beautiful - Freja

Gwyneth Paltrow eating with Topsop CEO

On Tuesday evening Gwyneth Paltrow and Topshop CEO Philip Green were seen dining together in London. Of course, every single mind in the fashion world is now wondering whether this means that Topshop will be co-creating a line with her just as it did with Kate Moss.

Gwyneth with Philip
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What will happen to John Galliano

29 June 2011

It's been months since the anti-Semitic video of John Galliano was leaked. Since then, LVMH has announced that neither the House of Dior nor his own label, John Galliano will be working with John. Additionally, one of his muses Natalie Portman, who is also Jewish has showed her rage with the designer. I have wanted to write this piece about him for a long time and I just couldn't. When I was a little girl, the label that I was in love with was Christian Dior. I used to collect every single ad in every single Vogue or Elle that I bought and I saved them in a file. I used to buy Christian Dior bijoux and did not throw away the bag. When I bought my first I love Dior t-shirt in Milan, it was a dream come true. And all I wanted was to be a designer working for the House of Dior.

Since then a lot has changed and also my fashion sense. My favorite fashion house is no more Dior.
However, I always had a part of me that saw John Galliano as a mastermind of fashion for turning Dior from a grandmother label to a hip one.

When I first heard of his outburst on the Jewish, I resisted believing it. But, internet never ceases to leave us in the dark and I saw the video. I was shocked. I turned it off. And thought "Oh." I couldn't say anything else.

Last week, he was in court for his unforgivable action. According to various news sources, he claimed in court to not remember his words. However, as a lawyer I can state that him not remembering can only be used as a plea for being "under the influence"  and I believe it would not help him at all. News reports also state that he is facing 6 months of jail and damages worth 10,000 euros.

Another announcement made by LVMH this past week is that Bill Gaytten has been named creative director of John Galliano, following the departure of its namesake, who awaits the verdict of his public-defamation trial. For the role, Christian Dior CEO Sidney Toledano hand-picked Gaytten, who worked under Galliano for 23 years and took the final bow at the Galliano men's show on Friday in Paris. (source: nymag)

Cathy Horyn from New York Times had however claimed that LVMH was planning on reinstating John to his own label. However, this was rejected by Bernard Arnault himself after the Dior Homme Runway show. According to nymag, he stated clearly: "He will not be working for LVMH".

So know everybody is waiting what will happen to John Galliano and everybody thinks no fashion house in its right mind will hire him...

Sad it's just sad.

John now

John then
(sources: nymag, digitaljournal)

The French baby, they always do it in style

28 June 2011

Well I've heard that my bag is on it's way (finally!!!) so I can write all about the trip!

After arriving to Paris, you can see that French people have their own light shed all over their clothes. I mean, how can every single person walking down a street look cool and chic? It's unbelievable!

fellow blogger trying to take pics without getting noticed :) I guess I am better than her :)

Well you can't help but notice the bag.

My Nazlı :)

Hello I'm back.

I was going to write all about my trip to Paris but I'm holding it off till my LUGGAGE ARRIVES!!!! Damn Turkish Airlines... Mine and my mom's luggage and the rest of the plane's luggage did not arrive to Istanbul with us.

Nonetheless, having missed my blog so much while I was there, I couldn't stay silent.

While I'm praying and waiting for my goodies, I wanted to write about sunglasses. Nazlı's to be exact. :)

Nazlı is my cutie bestie (who actually is the better blogger) click click !!

Today, while I was going through my favorite blogs, one of which is Luxury Shoppers (click click !!) I saw this photo.

Rayban Sunglasses I bought Nazlı

These are the sunglasses of Ezgi and Lian. This looks like a scene from Nazlı's drawer. She has the best of the best sunglasses. One of which is my gifts to her :)

One of my favorite sunglasses she has is one from H&M which is in gold!

Oh by the way, I had accidentally lost one of her MiuMiu sunglasses :(  It was either the one on top or below. I can't even remember. Shameful!

And another one just may be added to her loveliest of collection :) shh 


Latest post before I go-go-go

22 June 2011

June Mood Board!!!!!!

On my way to P-a-r-i-s

Yeah I know, I'm going a week before than I should be going (first week of July is Haute Couture FW in Paris). Nevertheless, I am wayyyy too excited. :)


Passport: Check

Photo Machine: Check

Cutest Hat: Check

I think I'm all set !!

Charm-ing !!!!

Raise your hand if your wrists are full of charms and the cutest bracelets!! Mine is :)

Everywhere I go I see someone else with full wrists. So I decided to share them.

Here goes!
Left: Fezzy Right: Lerz (pay attention to her tattoo pls!)

Fez: Little obsession with the evil eye :)

Mer: Gold bracelet: Granma's gift to mom
Braided colored cord: Adi's gift to Fez then me :)
Leather wristlet: from Bozcaada (for Bozcaada)
and etc :)

Versace for H&M

Comme de Garcons, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Stella McCartney, many respectful others and now Versace! H&M has quite a list of designers it has worked with! I never got to purchase one dress Lanvin made for H&M but I will make sure that I get my hands on a Versace design (even if Versace has never been my type). 

Donatella Versace describes this soon-to-be coming out collection as using iconic Versace pieces.

click click !! for the video.

Donatella with Margareta van der Bosch

One of the designs

Photos: various bloggers

Prada Fall Campaign

21 June 2011

If you have read my second post or if you know me, you know how much I am in love with (not Freja :)) Miuccia Prada. She is everything a fashionista could ever ask for. Visionary, cool and all the rest! :)

Prada Fall 2011 campaing proves to me once again why I am in love with Miuccia

Big earrings

My step dad's mother is the biggest hoarder ever. She does not throw anything away and she always manages to buy new kinds of crap.
We were at her house recently and I found these earrings from all the mess. I immediately fell in love with them and she was oh-so-pleased that someone was actually interested. So she gave me the earrings as a present. I hardly ever find opportunity to wear them but I think they are really cute !

The Pilgrims are a-comin

20 June 2011

Ha. Poor little Shenae Grimes. She wants to spend thanksgiving in the middle of June!

And by playing the role of a pilgrim who lost his (!) way.

What is that hat?! I mean no self-respecting person should ever wear that hat if it's not thanksgiving or you're actually a pilgrim. No. No. God no.

She can be cute though. I think she should change her stylist ASAP.

Sale!!! Soldes!!!! :)

hooray!! Net-a-porter is now on sale!!!

Remember, be sure to get the items that are forever and not just for one season! :)

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