The likes of those to follow

23 June 2012

This may not be your usual blog post you have seen here. The reason is because i am not at work or at home rather i am on the beach. And why didnt i wait to go home? Because my dear followers you cannot let inspiration go by. it has come to my attention that it is not the likes of people like myself (i.e. 25 year olds) to be watched for fashion trends and rather it is the likes of 17 or 18 year olds. While i am here i have seen that these girls are not just trendy but also cool and really inspriational. Of course they too are inspired from blogs or fashion magazines but there is some kind of a zing to them that i dont have at the age of 25. i am surrounded with girls eith anklets (leather or friendship bracelets used as anklets) backpacks of all different colors tiny teeny round sunglasses white bikinis and of course neon bracelets which are not those you see everyday. So i am now inspried from girls we call too young to be true. While someone else could be frusturated i embrace the situation and take as much as i can. You may not agree and if you dont please do tell me so.

have a good weekend!



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