A late review of the Dior Couture show

20 July 2012

When a designer you adore is publicly disgraced and forced to leave a fashion house, you are perplexed. I have been trying to hate him for what he did - not just for having those horrible thoughts but also for ruining a career. His work was so special for me, even so that I had pictures of Dior and him all over my walls. When I was in high school and was still dreaming to have a career in fashion, my ultimate dream was to work for him. But first my dream of becoming a part of the fashion  industry faded and along with my dream his career went poo-poo as well. I presume my readers are now bored to hell with my posts about him but I just can't get over it. 

I know it's probably too late to be posting on Dior Couture show which was Raf Simons' debut chez Dior but I felt I had to. At first I thought I could do without writing about it, I even looked at the collection to try and get used to it. But I feel the urge to write and then I shall. 

Well, my initial thought is: he is going back to Dior roots. Which is good in a way. Christian Dior is the God that created the fashion house so why should he not? But me, being a Galliano adorer-lover was expecting perhaps too much of Raf (something I never ever expected of Bill Gayten). And of course, I was disappointed. Not disappointed as in "the collection was bad" but as in "I expected more of him". 

For me, the humble fashion blogger-wannabe the lawyer -trying to get ahead in her career, haute couture is art. We are shoved with normal collections twice, sometimes four times a year and we expect some art and some ka-boom from the haute couture shows. And Galliano delivered. Be it the crazy make-ups or the work we could see he put into the garments, we saw pure art. I did not see that in this collection. 

Dior Spring 2011 Haute Couture a la Galliano

Dior Spring 2011 Haute Couture a la Galliano

Currently, as his face is facing the threat to be erased from the face of the fashion world (enter savior Anna Wintour), we are praying for John's (except those who still haven't forgiven him) career and his return. He might never return to Dior as those bridges were burnt long time ago, but I want to see more of his genius, at least that i what we deserve. 

2013 Couture Show Pictures thanks to here and here


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