Fake or counterfeit in legal terms

06 September 2012

I had writers block for quite some time now and even my boyfriend suggested that I put an end to it. But the thing is I have not been inspired lately with every blog having the same content and every blogger writing  about almost the same thing. But there has been a rather sensitive issue that has been bothering me. This has nothing to do with me being (or at least trying to be) a blogger and has everything to do with my fashion sense and the respect I have for designers. Being a daddy's girl (on this single matter might I say) I have been able to spot fake items since I was able to spell the word "fake". But as you know -or about to learn there are different types of "fake". What you might ask. Well continue reading.

First of all there are those sold in street bazaars for ten euros which don't even try hard enough to look like the counterfeited good. The target clientele of these items usually have no idea that that certain bag is a counterfeit of a Marc Jacobs or a Louis Vuitton purse. In this sense I have no right to judge the customer and have every right to hate the producers' guts.

The second category is rather important. These bags are sold in specific boutiques and are produced with attention. (But not attentive enough.) These bags (as these are the most commonly chosen fake goods) can only be spotted by the users of the real stuff with either their locks being in the wrong place or the logo being printed where it shouldn't be. The customers of this kind of fake is educated and most definitely knows what they are buying is one hundred percent fake. But the aim here is to fool others around trying to make a point about one's social status. The thing is, they do not fool anyone but themselves. I ran into this girl on the metro today carrying a fake Louis Vuitton bag (as we like to call it between my friends BouisBuitton or Zrada). It oozed fake and the second she opened the purse you could see logos where they shouldn't be. To add to my misery she took out a fake Hermes wallet. A wallet which usually costs twice the price of her alleged Louis Vuitton bag. I swear to God I wanted to slap her. I can feel the hate mail pouring like rain but just continue reading before you hit send. If that certain fake Louis Vuitton bag is sold at 500 liras wouldn't a person in their right mind prefer buying a bag from Furla at the same price? Why try and sell yourself as something you are not? Why be fake as the fake bag you are carrying? Is your fashion sense limited to designer bags or can you go and buy a beautiful bag from Zara and work it like none of us can? Are you obliged to have a Louis Vuitton bag? No you are not.

Before you are the one who actually want to slap me, I go ahead and explain the third type of fake. These fake bags (or goods) are sold by professionals who work off of their own lair. Every socialite knows where their office is and every socialite buy from them. They sell fake Hermes bags for a 1.000 euros to those who already own two and just want to buy the third one in lemon or pink. These ladies usually have a closet full of the real deal but still buy the fake bag just because they "must" have every single color or every single model. This just plain pisses me off. 

I know there are many things to fight in this world but if you truly love fashion, I think you must definitely fight counterfeit. 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Great post! What's your view on designer-inspired pieces?

    Please don't quit blogging, for I totally understand where you are coming from when you stated "bloggers are blogging about the same thing". I try to venture away from that, I blog about what I consider fashionable.



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