Let's go to the beach

06 July 2012

Cameron Krone Captures Cool Beach Looks for Amica July 2012 with Natalia Oberhanss

Anja Rubik for Guiseppe Zanotti

04 July 2012

Anja Rubik for Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fall 2012 Campaign by Karim Sadli

Wow I am loving not only the shoes but also the campaign! Great work from Karim and of course Anja!

(Wow yalnızca ayakkabılara değil çekime de bayıldım! Karim ve tabiki Anja'dan mükemmel bir çalışma!)

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Let's talk watches

03 July 2012

The day when Leandra a.k.a Man Repeller introduced the "arm party" was a good day. Of course, she only came up with the name if you ask me but once some trend has a name it is when it gets bigger than anticipated. So here we are taking pictures of our own "arm parties", meaning our bracelets and posting them on instagram, facebook, pinterest and wherever. Yes our bracelets form the most important part of our "arm parties" but underestimating our good-old watches seems so unfair to me. So I decided to have a post long overdue on my favorite "arm parties" consisting of my favorite watches. Me, I prefer a Rolex, be it gold or steel. I appreciate the difficulty of actually owning a gold Rolex and therefore I also appreciate having a gold plated Michael Kors watch (which seems to be everyone's favorite). 

(Leandra yani Man Repeller'ın bize "arm party" sözünü öğrettiği gün güzel bir gündü. Tabiki sadece ismi o buldu ama bana sorarsanız eğer birisi bir trend'e isim koyduktan sonra bu trend beklenildiğinden de daha büyük hale gelir. Eh biz de şimdi kendi "arm party"lerimizinyani bileziklerimizin resimlerini çekip instagram, facebook, pinterest veya bulduğumuz diğer yerlere koyuyoruz. Evet, bileziklerimiz "arm party"lerimizin en önemli öğesi ama bana güzel saatlerimizi hafife almak bana haksızlık gibi geliyor. Ben de bu sebeple çok zamanı gelip geçmiş olan en sevdiğim saatlerden oluşan "arm party"lerin resimlerinden oluşan bu postu yazmaya karar verdim. Ben, çelik ya da altın Rolex tercih ediyorum. Ama altın bir Rolex almanın ne kadar zor olduğunu da bildiğim için altın kaplama Michael Kors saat sahibi olanları da beğenmekteyim (ki bu saat herkesin favorisi).)

The below pictures are my personal favorites but please do share with a link below if you have other preferences.

(Aşağıdaki resimler benim kişisel favorilerim ama eğer sizin de çok sevdiğiniz örnekler varsa lütfen paylaşın.)

How they make smoking look fucking cool - Second edition

02 July 2012

Inside Jason Wu's Garment District Studio

28 June 2012

Let's take a look at the studio of the one and only Jason Wu!

(Jason Wu'nun stüdyosuna bir göz atalım!)

Thanks to Vogue.com

(Vogue.com'a teşekkürler)


27 June 2012

James Perse Maxi Skirt, Acne T-shirt (also seen here)
3.1 Philip Lim Sandals, Proenza Schouler P11 Mini Classic Bag, Hermes and Asos Bracelets

Margherita Missoni's hideous of a wedding dress

26 June 2012

Good gracious God. Was my reaction when I saw this. My mother's dress who got married in 1984 was just like this - not in a good way. What the hell with the balloon arms?

"Margherita Missoni wed Eugenio Amos in Italy this weekend, wearing a custom-designed gown by Giambattista Valli." says Elle.com and adds "The scion of the Missoni clan collaborated closely with friend Valli on the gown design. The romantic, soft white gown featured an off-the shoulder bodice with long ruched tulle sleeves. Along with Valli’s signature frothiness and femininity, it also starred details straight from the Missoni archive, like floral embroidery and layered textures." making no real comment on the dress.

Well, if they won't I will. I don't care who designed it and I have great respect for Giambattista Valli. But I say no! No. No. No. 

The only good thing I can say is that she looks beautiful and the embroidery of the dress is perfect. That is as far as it gets.

Hateful day - my apologies.

Prada and rainbow highlights

Kendra Spears Looks Psychedelic in Prada for Vogue Germany’s July 2012 Cover
Well who can resist a Prada suit and rainbow highlights? No one dude.
(Prada takım ve gökkuşağı röfleye kim hayır diyebilir ki? Kimse.)
In the mood for more Kendra? Click
(Daha fazla Kendra mı? Tık)

You think this has nothing to do with you

25 June 2012

.. is what I want to shout at people sometimes. To people who find following the world of fashion is lame. To those who think they are too cool to be true. And most definitely to those who think that the only reason why they currently are wearing vintage shirts and glasses is because they have decided to do so. Whereas in fact they have (even though they claim to be indifferent to fashion world) put those on because somewhere someone has decided to have vintage sunglasses in an editorial. 

Listen carefully to the scene. It might not have the correct references or it might. But the underlying meaning of it should always be on your mind.

P.S. a sequel is set to follow!

How they make smoking look fucking cool - Black & White Edition numbertwo

The likes of those to follow

23 June 2012

This may not be your usual blog post you have seen here. The reason is because i am not at work or at home rather i am on the beach. And why didnt i wait to go home? Because my dear followers you cannot let inspiration go by. it has come to my attention that it is not the likes of people like myself (i.e. 25 year olds) to be watched for fashion trends and rather it is the likes of 17 or 18 year olds. While i am here i have seen that these girls are not just trendy but also cool and really inspriational. Of course they too are inspired from blogs or fashion magazines but there is some kind of a zing to them that i dont have at the age of 25. i am surrounded with girls eith anklets (leather or friendship bracelets used as anklets) backpacks of all different colors tiny teeny round sunglasses white bikinis and of course neon bracelets which are not those you see everyday. So i am now inspried from girls we call too young to be true. While someone else could be frusturated i embrace the situation and take as much as i can. You may not agree and if you dont please do tell me so.

have a good weekend!



21 June 2012

Daphne Groeneveld, Bette Franke & Frida Aasen Go Back to School for DSquared2′s Fall 2012 Campaign by Mert & Marcus

Summer, the ocean and everything that goes

19 June 2012

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