Yet another wish to my non-ending wishlist

02 August 2012

Yes. I want the below booties. And no, nobody is buying them for me :)

(Evet. Aşağıdaki botları istiyorum. Ve hayır, kimsenin bana onları aldığı yok :))

Available at

A vacation photo diary

31 July 2012

I know - I am an awful blogger, abandoning you like that. But I was SO busy I just could not find the time. I did not want to post just anything guys, I need to deliver. I was on vacation three weeks ago, I now have the time to post a photo diary of it. Enjoy!

(Biliyorum - çok kötü bir bloggerım sizi resmen terkettim. Ama gerçekten ÇOK yoğundum ve zaman bulamadım. Öylesini birşeyler post etmek istemedim, düzgün birşeyler çıkarmayı seviyorum. Üç hafta kadar önce tatildeydim. Resimleri sizinle paylaşmaktayım! İyi eğlenceler!)

I really liked

26 July 2012

Charlize Theron in Lanvin

                                                                                 Elizabeth Banks in Elie Saab

Rachel Taylor in Suno

Duchess of Cambridge in Temperley

A late review of the Dior Couture show

20 July 2012

When a designer you adore is publicly disgraced and forced to leave a fashion house, you are perplexed. I have been trying to hate him for what he did - not just for having those horrible thoughts but also for ruining a career. His work was so special for me, even so that I had pictures of Dior and him all over my walls. When I was in high school and was still dreaming to have a career in fashion, my ultimate dream was to work for him. But first my dream of becoming a part of the fashion  industry faded and along with my dream his career went poo-poo as well. I presume my readers are now bored to hell with my posts about him but I just can't get over it. 

I know it's probably too late to be posting on Dior Couture show which was Raf Simons' debut chez Dior but I felt I had to. At first I thought I could do without writing about it, I even looked at the collection to try and get used to it. But I feel the urge to write and then I shall. 

Well, my initial thought is: he is going back to Dior roots. Which is good in a way. Christian Dior is the God that created the fashion house so why should he not? But me, being a Galliano adorer-lover was expecting perhaps too much of Raf (something I never ever expected of Bill Gayten). And of course, I was disappointed. Not disappointed as in "the collection was bad" but as in "I expected more of him". 

For me, the humble fashion blogger-wannabe the lawyer -trying to get ahead in her career, haute couture is art. We are shoved with normal collections twice, sometimes four times a year and we expect some art and some ka-boom from the haute couture shows. And Galliano delivered. Be it the crazy make-ups or the work we could see he put into the garments, we saw pure art. I did not see that in this collection. 

Dior Spring 2011 Haute Couture a la Galliano

Dior Spring 2011 Haute Couture a la Galliano

Currently, as his face is facing the threat to be erased from the face of the fashion world (enter savior Anna Wintour), we are praying for John's (except those who still haven't forgiven him) career and his return. He might never return to Dior as those bridges were burnt long time ago, but I want to see more of his genius, at least that i what we deserve. 

2013 Couture Show Pictures thanks to here and here


19 July 2012


I have been blogging for a year and I just found out what a Liebster Award is thanks to Samantha Mitchell from Fashionista Forever. I find it to be a cute way for us bloggers to cooperate. So of course, there are some rules to it (which originate from where I seriously have no idea). The rules apparently are:

The Liebster Blog Award rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award. DUH :)
2. Link back to their blog. DONE
3. Copy and paste the Liebster award to your profile. DONE
4. Pick 5 blogs that you feel deserve to be in the spotlight (they must have @200 followers or under). DONE
5. Blog about it and leave a comment for your nominations to let them know that you have chosen their blog. DONE :)

So I now pick 5 blogs. Well, I think I should be in the spotlight (?) ha-ha. OK, seriously, here are my nominees;

Please don't wear that - Anne Hathaway

I actually love her style. So this is a bit of a disappointment. I don't want to be offensive (she said just before she said something offensive) but, doesn't it look as if she hung a Christmas door wreath? Come on...

(Aslında Anne'in stilini çok seviyorum. Dolayısıyla bu bir hayal kırıklığı. Aşağılayıcı olmak istemiyorum ama (dedi tam aşağılamadan önce) ama sanki boynuna yılbaşı kapı süsü asmış gibi durmuyor mu? Lütfen yani...)

Please don't wear that - Rihanna

18 July 2012

OK, when did we go back to the 90's and why hasn't anyone told me?! I am all for being inspired by a decade and I love the visor effect. But that hair, those shoes all together with that necklace. No!   I died in the office and they managed to return my soul just so I can write this. I am shouting out to FugGirls from here! Please say something about this! Oh God...

(Pardon, ne zaman 90lara döndük ve neden kimse bana haber vermedi?! Bir dönemden ilham alma olayına karşı değilim bu güneşlik olayına da bayılıyorum üstelik. Ama o saçlar, o ayakkabılar ve o kolye hep beraber. Hayır! Ofiste öldüm sırf bu yazıyı yazmam için ruhumu geri getirdiler. Buradan FugGirls'e sesleniyorum! Bununla ilgili birşey deyin lütfen! Aman yarabbi...)

Summery - lovey

Ahh.. Happiness

(Ahh... Mutluluk)

via here, here and here

Shoe watch: Miu Miu Slippers

17 July 2012

Model crush: Kasia Struss

15 July 2012

Happy Sunday. I know it's been a while since I've posted and my sincere apologies. I was on vacation. And as we were sailing, I was pretty far away from technology. But I regret every second I missed blogging. No worries, I planned a photo diary of my vacation which consists of only one picture of myself. 

So, coming back to this post here, I have been watching Kasia for a while now. Her face is so unique and that is what makes her special. I cannot quite decide whether she looks better blonde or brunette so I will say both (?). 

(İyi pazarlar! Biliyorum uzun zamandır post yazmıyorum bu yüzden özür dilerim. Tatildeydim. Ve yelken yapıyor olduğumuzdan teknolojiden çok uzaktım. Ama bloguma yazamadığım her saniye içi üzgünüm. Ama merak etmeyin, tatilimin içinde benim yalnızca bir resmim olan albümünü sizinle paylaşacağım.

Her neyse,bu posta geri dönecek olursak, Kasia'yı uzun zamandır izliyorum. Öyle farklı bir yüzü var ki bu onu herkesden ayırıyor. Sarışın mı kumral mı daha güzel karar veremiyorum o yüzden her ikisi de diyeceğim sanırım (?))

Let's go to the beach

06 July 2012

Cameron Krone Captures Cool Beach Looks for Amica July 2012 with Natalia Oberhanss

Anja Rubik for Guiseppe Zanotti

04 July 2012

Anja Rubik for Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fall 2012 Campaign by Karim Sadli

Wow I am loving not only the shoes but also the campaign! Great work from Karim and of course Anja!

(Wow yalnızca ayakkabılara değil çekime de bayıldım! Karim ve tabiki Anja'dan mükemmel bir çalışma!)

via here

Let's talk watches

03 July 2012

The day when Leandra a.k.a Man Repeller introduced the "arm party" was a good day. Of course, she only came up with the name if you ask me but once some trend has a name it is when it gets bigger than anticipated. So here we are taking pictures of our own "arm parties", meaning our bracelets and posting them on instagram, facebook, pinterest and wherever. Yes our bracelets form the most important part of our "arm parties" but underestimating our good-old watches seems so unfair to me. So I decided to have a post long overdue on my favorite "arm parties" consisting of my favorite watches. Me, I prefer a Rolex, be it gold or steel. I appreciate the difficulty of actually owning a gold Rolex and therefore I also appreciate having a gold plated Michael Kors watch (which seems to be everyone's favorite). 

(Leandra yani Man Repeller'ın bize "arm party" sözünü öğrettiği gün güzel bir gündü. Tabiki sadece ismi o buldu ama bana sorarsanız eğer birisi bir trend'e isim koyduktan sonra bu trend beklenildiğinden de daha büyük hale gelir. Eh biz de şimdi kendi "arm party"lerimizinyani bileziklerimizin resimlerini çekip instagram, facebook, pinterest veya bulduğumuz diğer yerlere koyuyoruz. Evet, bileziklerimiz "arm party"lerimizin en önemli öğesi ama bana güzel saatlerimizi hafife almak bana haksızlık gibi geliyor. Ben de bu sebeple çok zamanı gelip geçmiş olan en sevdiğim saatlerden oluşan "arm party"lerin resimlerinden oluşan bu postu yazmaya karar verdim. Ben, çelik ya da altın Rolex tercih ediyorum. Ama altın bir Rolex almanın ne kadar zor olduğunu da bildiğim için altın kaplama Michael Kors saat sahibi olanları da beğenmekteyim (ki bu saat herkesin favorisi).)

The below pictures are my personal favorites but please do share with a link below if you have other preferences.

(Aşağıdaki resimler benim kişisel favorilerim ama eğer sizin de çok sevdiğiniz örnekler varsa lütfen paylaşın.)

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