Question: is Chiara's beanie a real Jil Sander

01 October 2012

Hmm.. For she is the blogger who is sent all the cool stuff. For she is everyone's favorite (for me it's questionable, even though she was nice to me last season). She would of course support a real Jil Sander beanie.

But this pic is questionable. For that beanie does not have a pompom. Why would she put on a replica of a Jil Sander beanie when she can get the real one...

I am perplexed!

Pics are from her instagram from when she attended the Kenzo show earlier last week.

Kenzo Much?

Boy girl blogger non-blogger friend of a blogger.

Everybody wears the Kenzo sweater!

Chiara and Betty wore different colors to the Kenzo show in Paris.  

Kenzo craze...

Publicity stunt or real trend?

What's a blogger to do

30 September 2012

I took my head out of the pile of books and saw that not one but two fashion weeks have gone and passed since I had anytime to write any posts. All I did during this time was trying to keep up with tweets and pins pinned on my pinterest.

But a blogger is nothing if not up-to-date. Perhaps that has been my problem all along. I never had the time to actually keep up with the fashion world. Hell, you cannot expect your blog to become anything but old news if you are not on twitter or reading all the time. You are just another blogger who posts the same shit that the rest posted two days ago (which is a huge delay when it comes to anything that has anything to do with the internet).

So, for the last year I have been trying to squish my blog in my life (which I don't really have anymore because I just work too damn much).

I always came close to just shutting it down saying I don't have the time and that nobody in the world would care if I just stopped. Period.

But I am nothing if I am not a fighter. And hell I will fight.

You might see me blogging less about fashion and more about other stuff. But once I have anything to say, I will damn right say it.

Perhaps, this time around, it will be different.

Even if I sleep less, I will see the latest collection of Lanvin.

So here I am posting a cool pic with my post so you have a beautiful thing to look at.

Perhaps, I will post about Kenzo. We'll see...


No name...

18 September 2012

via little plastic horses

What Leandra predicts

17 September 2012

Ultimately, what I predict in the coming years is one long string of backlashes–toward the internet, toward technology at large, toward fashion and toward the excessively accessible cues of personal style. To some extent, these all go hand-in-hand. The initial inklings on the fashion front are already bleeding through: the common denominator this runway season has been simplicity, wearability and practicality. An aesthetic that for the first time in a long time seems to champion the notion of the familiar bright sequins that so famously beg an overzealous style snap.

for the original post click here and the pic here.

NY Fashion Week

16 September 2012

Favorite Show

1. Proenza Schouler

2. Marc Jacobs

Was torn between Peter Som, 3.1 Philip Lim and Thakoon. But then Marc Jacobs hit....

Favorite Beauty

Jason Wu

Favorite Moment

Coco Rocha at Zac Posen

Favorite Party

CR - The fashion book

Favorite Blogger

Without a doubt and of course Leandra

Favorite Streetstyle

Taylor Tomasi Hill

Favorite Accessory


Favorite Coverage

Favorite Styling

Rag & Bone

Favorite Shoes 

Altuzarra v Gianvito Rossi

Fake or counterfeit in legal terms

06 September 2012

I had writers block for quite some time now and even my boyfriend suggested that I put an end to it. But the thing is I have not been inspired lately with every blog having the same content and every blogger writing  about almost the same thing. But there has been a rather sensitive issue that has been bothering me. This has nothing to do with me being (or at least trying to be) a blogger and has everything to do with my fashion sense and the respect I have for designers. Being a daddy's girl (on this single matter might I say) I have been able to spot fake items since I was able to spell the word "fake". But as you know -or about to learn there are different types of "fake". What you might ask. Well continue reading.

Tod's No_Code

05 September 2012

Tod's No_Code: A beautiful collection for both men and women created in collaboration with Jefferson Hack. I love how the design of the shoes are so minimal! For more pics, and more information click here!

(Tod's No_Code: Tods ve Jefferson Hack işbirliği ile yaratılmış hem erkekler için hem de bayanlar için seçenekler sunan harika bir koleksiyon! O kadar minimalistik ki bayıldım! Daha fazla bilgi ve resim için tık!)

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